lunes, 8 de diciembre de 2014

ON STRIKE ➞ We're worth MORE

Major news: Convenience stores across the country are shut down this morning as workers walked off the job, demanding $15/hr and a union.
Thousands of workers in 190 cities are standing together to call for higher wages today. Fast food, home care, airports services, and convenience store workers are standing together in this powerful movement for a better economy.

This news is already BIG, but YOU can make it even bigger. Share our strike image with your friends and family and help us make history.

Home care workers like me have led the fight for higher wages and better jobs for decades, winning union rights and raises. Airport services workers made history with a $15/hr minimum wage in Sea-Tac, Washington. Now, we're all a part of this powerful national movement.
And our movement is about so much more than $15/hr. Workers across the country are fighting for immigration reform -- to keep families together. We are calling for safety and justice for communities of color in the wake of decisions not to bring to trial the police officers who killed Michael Brown and Eric Garner.
We're tired of working two jobs and still struggling to feed our families, while corporations reap record profits.
We're fed up with a system that works for so few -- and definitely not for us.
We're outraged that in America, an honest day's work isn't rewarded with a fair day's pay and that income inequality breaks down our families and our communities at every level.
And so, we are rising up.
We are standing together, in red states and blue, across faiths and neighborhoods and industries, to make our voices heard and to create a new path forward.
Together, we will win.
Be a part of this powerful movement. Spread the word on Facebook now.
Rock the boat,

Paula Gibbs
Home Care Worker | Atlanta, GA

Huelga en 190 ciudades de EEUU reclamando mejoras salariales,  protección para los emigrantes sin papeles y justicia para los afroamericanos asesinados por la policía fascista. ESTO NO SALDRÁ EN LOS TELEDIARIOS DE ESPAÑA Y/O EUROPA. NO ES EL AMERICAN DREAM.

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